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Backup System

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Cloud Hosting

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Web hosting

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Services that facilitate the proper progress of the work that has to follow on the webpage.


A CMS is typically the application thatcreates as well as manages a website in a human -friendly rather than having to work directly on the code and involving time and effort on the same where all of it can be saved.


Web development perpetually refers to the work going behind the building of a website and it could typically apply to anything from creating a single plain-text webpage the o development of a complex web application or social network.


The App development is a process for building the mobile applications running on the mobile devices which can either be installed or downloaded after the creation of the software which works on the application.


Software testing is the method implying to check the actual software product matches the expected requirements for ensuring the software product is Defect Free. It involves the execution of software/system components by the usage of manual or automated tools for the evaluation.

E-commerce solutions

E-Commerce solutions are the products and services which aid any company to conduct business electronically and the range of the available e-commerce solutions is vast including the ones which allow traditional businesses to design, create and operate the World Wide Web sites.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing typically refers to any of the marketing methods conducted through electronic devices which utilizes some form of the computers and it includes online marketing efforts conducted on the internet and in the process of conducting the digital marketing, a business might leverage websites, search engines,blogs, social media, video and email to reach the customers.